"No art passes our conscience in the way film does, and goes directly to our feelings, deep down into the dark rooms of our souls"

- Ingmar Bergman -

Holy Birds


Holy Birds is the Berlin-Amsterdam based film production company of screenwriter and director Marc Wagenaar. Holy Birds develops concepts with their own unique style using the input of your ideas and wishes. We manage the complicated process of pre-production, production and post-production and will present you with a fulfilling final product in a timely manner. By learning from the best and by utilizing all of our senses in the best way possible we aim to capture every detail.

“Holy Birds specializes in creating, writing and producing short films, videoclips and commercials.”

Marc Wagenaar received his Bachelor’s degree in communications, developing strategic communication plans for Record Label, ‘PIAS’, and film distributors, ‘Twinpics’ and ‘Cineart’. After completing his studies, he went on to work for the local television station RTV Nijmegen and founded the successful Techno party concept ‘Schönes Wochenende’. On invitation of the award winning documentary maker Viola Stephan, he relocated to Berlin to further develop his passion for film. In Berlin he completed internships for Tonmeister Adrian Baumeister at ‘The Post Republic’ and ‘Berlinale Panorama’, and worked many different roles on film sets before he founded ‘Holy Birds – film productions’’. Under this name he wrote, directed and produced his first short film ‘Holy Bird’ starring Rolf Kanies (Der Untergang). After shooting for four long days during challenging weather conditions in the woods, the film was complete. While Holy Bird was still in post-production, Marc had already completed his 16mm second short film ‘The Eggman’ starring Lars Rudolph (Werckmeister Harmonies, Lola Rennt) and Anna Böttcher (About: Kate). His films were recognized by film festivals and by the Filmacademy of Amsterdam where he was selected to study directing.



Film is an extremely powerful medium in which there are still many roads to discover. In addition, virtual literacy strongly influences the mind of society. New generations are being raised with the internet, social media and computer games. Holy Birds acknowledges this by creating new paths with a natural and healthy urge to expand the borders of film literature. We tell original stories in a surreal and poetic way giving the film industry newly created “food” to think about.

“Our background digs in the last great 100 years of film history.”

Film, like music, is it’s own language. And as a director you have to take care that no false notes will be played. You have to contain many different qualities, knowledge, creativity and devotion, and know when to use them at exactly the right moment.

“We take the viewer on a short journey that brings up emotions which are mostly hidden deep in the soul.”

The only way to distinguish ourselves from others is by creating a new world in an unconventional and original way in order to show something what has never been shown before. This is why highly regarded directors such as Andrej Tarkovsky, Ingmar Bergman, Akira Kurosawa, David Lynch, Bela Tarr, Charlie Chaplin and Alejandro Jodorowsky can clearly be seen as influences on films Holy Birds produces. Currently Holy Birds is working on the pre-production of the queer film project ‘The One’.



Holy Bird (2014)

This poetic and surrealistic drama takes you on a journey into the head of a disturbed Russian writer who is living as a hermit in the woods. Suddenly he seems to get a message from his stuffed dead bird. The next moment two visitors are standing in front of his trailer – who just wanted to take one picture…

Titel: Holy Bird (HD-CAM)
Runtime: 14 minutes
Production year: 2013/2014
Country: Germany (Berlin-Brandenburg)
Language: English
Subtitles: German/Russian
Release Date: Summer 2014
Filming Locations: Berlin, Klein Köris
Production: Holy Birds – Filmproductions
Color: Black & white
Aspect ratio: 2.35 : 1
Sound mix: Dolby Digital
Budget: € 6000-


Writer: Rolf Kanies
Ballet dancer: Milena Straube
Photographer: Dacen McAmmond
Waiter: G. Beaudin


Writer: Marc Wagenaar
Director: Marc Wagenaar
Director of Photography: Tobias Lindner
Camera assistent: Katja Holbaum
Second assistent: Vincent Dzikowski
Production manager: Philipp Eichhorn
Regie assistent: Stefan Mohn
Continuity: Stefan Mohn
Producer: Marc Wagenaar
Photographer on set: Stefan Mohn
Steadicam operator: Teja Schwede
Steadicam operator: Johannes Hollweg
Light: Vincent Dzikowski
Light: Sören Beseler
Boom operator: Karl Gerhardt
Boom operator assistent: Sascha Bieder
Costume design: Alexandra Heta
Make-up Artist: Sarah Huzel
Editor: Anja Keysselt
Co-editor: Vanessa Rossi
Colorist: Marco Nieschka
Sound design: Laura Matissek
Composer: Simon Schmidt
Production sound mixer: Karl Gerhardt
Location manager: Nico Markert
Catering: Benjamin Derball
Script translater: Sean Konijnendijk
Art direction/Set design: Marc Wagenaar


The Eggman (2014)

The biological clock is ticking fast. The eggman can come by any moment and this could be her last chance to get pregnant. She has to seduce him no matter what, but the eggman seems to think differently. Unconcience he gets driven towards the back of her kitchen. There is no way to escape…




Holy Birds is proud to release its new website and identity. The illustrated logo is an artwork by Giulia Gioanola, the website is designed by Francesca Tambussi and developed by Fabrizio Porro.



If you are a journalist or an agent in the field we invite you to contact us through our main contact address below. We will be delighted to send you the press folder and all the updated information about Holy Birds and its projects.